Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Something I have wanted for a long time is a decent SLR camera. With current models of digital SLR cameras more affordable than ever and packed with more features, I decided today was the day. So this morning I came home with a Pentax K-x model DSLR, currently one of the cheaper ones you can get and very suitable for the beginner to SLR photography that I am.

And here it is, fresh from the box!

After taking a few shots, I managed to get a half decent pic. While there are probably many faults with this photo, I am amazed at the depth of field you get that cannot be had from a compact camera.

Here is much the same shot taken with an old Canon compact digital camera. As can be seen, less of the picture is in focus, mainly the track in the foreground and the large building in the background.

Hopefully this new camera will as well as being a hobby in its own right, inspire me in my current railway and model railway hobbies. Maybe there will also be some interesting photos of other subjects to come!