Saturday, April 30, 2011


The Easter weekend came and went and I didn't quite get to finish the weighbridge fitter's van from my last post.

It is almost there as can be seen in this pic, only the steps below the door to be fitted and the hand brake gear. Then it will be ready for the paint shop. After this, I will fit Sergent couplers and it will be ready to help keep the weighbridges on my railway in good order!
For a small model, this one has been rather fiddly. The double roof with the batten spacers was the worst but with with a lot of care and patience, the end result was worth it being such a prominent and distinctive feature.

For the camera freaks, I took this pic with my Pentax K-x DSLR camera fitted with a macro lens. Aperture was set at f40 and a five second exposure.

I like to take close ups of my models before painting as any defects or stray flash etc. will show up and can be corrected. If I can make a model look presentable this close up then it should look good at normal viewing distances.


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