Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Model Railway Arrivals

Welcome to my blog.

My main interest in life has always been railways, both real and in model form although I will be posting about my other interests too.

My first post celebrates the arrival of three steam locomotive models for my model railway. I've been waiting for these for a few years now and they finally arrived yesterday!

The picture above is 3801, which is probably the most well known steam engine in Australia. The real one is currently undergoing a major overhaul which includes an entire new boiler.
My model however, will never need a new boiler but does have a sound chip built into it with all the various sound effects you would expect from a steam locomotive. The model is seen standing at the main station on my HO scale model railway, Byron Creek which is of course what I named my blog after.

This is 3803, which has the same streamlining of 3801 but in an all over black scheme with rather striking red lining as it would have appeared in the 1960's. Unfortunately, trying to photograph a very black object is not too successful. This model will need some"weathering" applied to it so it will look more realistic and photograph better.

And finally, we have 3813 which is a normal non-streamlined locomotive. This is in a rather nice green colour scheme as it would have been in the 1960's and is my favourite out of the three models at the moment. All three locomotives are members of the C38 class which were originally designed as express mainline passenger locomotives, but could often be seen hauling goods trains.


  1. Welcome to blogland, have fun here. My interest in trains comes from enjoying some lovely journeys on them, including the west coast of Scotland. I did sometimes play trains as a kid as well! I'll look forward to checking in on your blog.

  2. Model trains are almost as much fun as the real thing. More please!